Why Indian sex workers dread going to a hospital

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For years, Shanthi, a sex worker who lives in Bengaluru, had noticed that she never received proper treatment at government hospitals. “As soon as I walked in, I would be met with judgmental looks,” she said. “The doctors don’t really pay attention to what I have to say, or take my complaints seriously.”

Two years ago, after another unempathetic government doctor failed to help her with a skin condition, Shanthi decided not to visit a government hospital again. 

Shanthi's story is far from unique – sex workers across India have had similar experiences of facing apathy and discrimination at these hospitals. Doctors frequently ignore them, refuse them professional consultations and speak to them rudely. While some, like Shanthi, choose to stay away from the hospitals, many have no other choice because they cannot afford the cost of private care.

For Common Ground, Johanna Deeksha reports on how the Indian medical system discriminates against the already vulnerable community of sex workers. You can read the story here.

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