The cruelty of Delhi University’s ad-hoc teacher system


Delhi University is one of India’s most prestigious universities. Its colleges are frequently ranked among the best in the country across different fields.

But for years, the university’s teachers have been fighting an exhausting battle against what they see as an unjust and exploitative system of employment. Specifically, thousands of teachers are employed as ad-hoc faculty – those hired in this category have to renew their contracts every few months, and are not entitled to the benefits that permanent teachers receive. 

The problem isn’t merely one of an unfair system. As Johanna Deeksha found, reporting for Common Ground, of late, several colleges have terminated the services of long-time ad-hoc teachers and replaced them with candidates that many believe are inexperienced and under-qualified. Now, ad-hoc teachers fear that the university will relegate many of them to the status of guest lecturers, which will leave them with even lower pay and less job security than they had earlier.

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Ajay Krishnan
Senior Editor

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