The cost of protesting against mining in Gadchiroli


Google Maps does not show a drivable route to Todgatta. The village is located in Etapalli tehsil, in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district, approximately 150 km from Gadchiroli town.

But despite its modest size and its relative inaccessibility, Todgatta has since March this year been of vital importance to Adivasis across Etapalli. Residents of around 70 villages have been gathering here to protest mining in the area, which has resulted in severe pollution and turned rivers and farmlands bright red in colour.

Nolina Minj travelled to Etapalli to meet protestors who are battling for their rights. They explained that authorities have sought to undermine their efforts by claiming that protestors have links with Maoists, filing cases against leaders and otherwise harassing and intimidating them. “The long history of state sponsored oppression in  Etapalli continues today,” Minj said. “The resilience of the community members to keep protesting in the face of all odds is remarkable.”

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Ajay Krishnan
Senior Editor

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